Competence in nail patterns technic

& Facade construction

Design and planning

Nail plate components can be used in a very wide range of constructions - whether for a new build or renovation, family house or large capacity hall, nail plate constructions are cost-effective and fast to build.

The large span width of nail plate constructions - without restrictive intermediate supports - offers architects and owners freedom when it comes to floor plan design and the use of space. Within the grid of trusses, the internal walls and room layouts can be changed at any time. The trusses can remain visible or be covered by suspended ceilings.



There is plenty of room for technical installations between the bars of the truss framework. Depending on the construction, thermal insulation can be installed between the truss chords or the top chords of the roof beams.



Especially for complicated shapes, nail plate trusses are one of the most economical types of timber construction. 

In cooperation with the architect, our engineers develop efficient, individual solutions for each construction project - supported by the CAD planning program and the fully-automatic CNC manufacturing equipment.

 Our services include providing all supporting structural analysis documents for support structures and bracing and reinforcement elements.

Nail plate construction using solid spruce/pine wood is regulated by DIN 1052; the types of nail plate we use are approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute of Construction Technology), Berlin.

Nail plate constructions can be combined with components made of other materials, such as steel or reinforced concrete stilts.



Shopping mall

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Hipped roof

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