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& Facade construction

Heavy transport

We have permanent licences for our articulated lorries. The dimensions are:

Width: 3.30 m; length: 25.00 m

In addition, special licences for dimensions up to

Width: 6.00 m; length: 40.00 m

can be requested and acquired at short notice.

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Um die Produktionszeit so gering wie möglich zu halten, wird eitgleich mit einer weiteren Säge gearbeitet. Hier werden die Binderstreben für den Nagelplattenbinder auf Maß geschnitten. Diese Säge ermöglicht einen Zuschnitt der Binderstreben in nur einem Arbeitsablauf. Vier große Sägeblätter schneiden in unterschiedlich eingestellten Winkeln jede Binderstrebe exakt zu. Auch hier wird auf modernste Computertechnik gesetzt.

A journey with obstacles - on the road with heavy transport

Perfecting heavy transport is about more than just supplying the appropriate vehicles: before starting the journey, the entire route must be checked for possible obstacles, such as narrow roads in villages, bridges with insufficient load-bearing capacity or traffic lights.  Finally, the exact route is fixed by the licencing authorities, and not uncommonly involves significant diversions.

Every night, several heavy transport lorries leave our factory, with a police escort, in order to arrive promptly at construction sites all over Europe

Our dispatchers are responsible for overall coordination, and every individual transport represents a new challenge.

The following video illustrates some of the difficulties
that can arise when transporting nail plate roof trusses.

Here trusses for a mono-pitched roof are being transported in racks. This transporter can travel throughout the day, as it is less than 25 m long.

Heavy transport vehicles up to 40 m long and 6 m wide are escorted by police and support vehicles. They may only travel by night.