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Flat roofs with PVC sealing sheets



PVC sealing sheets are generally made out of polyvinylchloride, which is a plastic with added stabilisers and plasticisers to make it softer and more malleable.

A big advantage of using PVC to seal flat roofs is its resistance to cold, heat and UV. In addition, the sealing sheets are bitumen-compatible, so they can be laid over leaking bitumen sheets when renovating. Moreover, in contrast to bitumen sheets, PVC sealing sheets are only laid in one layer, making them more efficient to use.

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Thermoroofs consist of sandwich elements around a support core made of polyurethane rigid foam or a mineral fibre core. The support core is surrounded by lined, smooth, corrugated or contoured covering shells. These shells are made of coil-coated steel sheets.

The thermoroof has outstanding insulation properties. It keeps buildings comfortably cool during summer, while during winter it maintains a pleasant warmth and reduces heat loss. It is also waterproof, storm-proof, sound-insulating and breathable.

Moreover, all components are highly stable and have low flammability.

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With pre-bored holes and milled folded edges, the individual elements are easy to assemble.

A variety of trims means there are numerous assembly options.

Alucobond can be bent into many different forms, offering an array of assembly possibilities.

A wide range of materials can be used for assembly.