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Extra safety in modern timber construction
Innovative fire protection for timber and wood materials as well as constructions using nail plates and trussed rafters.

H&T Bindersysteme GmbH is a reliable partner with decades of timber construction experience. We have developed into one of the leading companies in the field of nail plates and trussed roofs. We are focussed on quality, service and customer satisfaction. With an innovative double fire protection system for nail plates and timber impregnation, we have met the challenges of the market and are continuing to make steady progress in this area.

How H&T fire protection solutions can benefit you:

>Safe: architects, civil engineers, planners and building owners have more freedom to use wood safely in their designs.

>Reliable: With optimal solutions tailored to your specific requirements, all necessary structural fire protection measures can be put in place.

>Economical: our products guarantee you a cost-effective and efficient construction method, for new constructions as well as renovations.

What makes roof trusses fire-resistant

Nail plate trusses have long been one of the most economical forms of timber construction. H&T Bindersysteme GmbH's engineers have developed numerous solutions in cooperation with architects, efficiently adapted to fit every individual construction project. But there is a high risk of fire when using conventional nail plate trusses in roof constructions for supermarkets and outlet stores, agricultural and industrial buildings and residential housing. Our sophisticated solutions increase roof safety, enabling the use of timber as a building material even in fire-sensitive areas.

The problem until now: during a fire, the elaborate network of timber beams in the roof structure can be quickly caught by the flames. A fire can spread via the timber surfaces over the entire structure within minutes, while the high heat can loosen the nail plates, causing the roof to collapse. This seriously hinders or even totally prevents firefighting efforts inside the building. In most cases the building is totally destroyed.

More safety for you

In order to ensure that the roof will not catch fire so quickly, that a fire will not spread as fast through the timber and that the nail plate connectors will retain their shape and strength longer, we have combined innovative fire protection technologies: fire protection for nail plates and wooden components.

The result: the roof does not collapse soon after a fire breaks out, but remains firmly in place for over 30 minutes of fire (F30).

For new constructions and renovations: fire protected nail plates and wooden components are not just for new builds, but can also be retrofitted during roof renovations.


H&T's double solution

1.    We protect the nail plates we install in roof structures with bandages. The bandages can be attached to the nail plate components during the production phase.

2.    Timber components used in roof structures receive effective fire protection. We use a recognised, environmentally-friendly flame-retardant salt that is pressure-impregnated into the wood.  The active ingredients of the flame-retardant salt (which is water-based and so solvent-free) can penetrate deep into the timber, protecting it against the effects of fire and radiating heat.

>This double solution achieves a fire protection level corresponding to fire resistance class F30.

Officially tested and proven.

Our established testing procedures and extensive fire protection inspections guarantee quality. The fire behaviour and stability of timber components and nail plates have been extensively tested and proven by independent institutes.

>We have experts' reports and inspection certificates that provide evidence of our double solution's classification in fire resistance class F30.

>We impregnate solid timber and wood materials with the vacuum pressure process. According to DIN 4102, our materials are classed in building material class B1.

>The nail plate construction technique, using solid spruce/pine wood, is regulated by DIN 1052. The components used have been proven to work in practice for years.

>The type of nail plate we use and our protective bandages are both approved by the construction supervision department of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin (German Institute of Construction Technology).


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