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Facade construction with ALUCOBOND®

ALUCOBOND® is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover plates and a mineral core containing different materials depending on the design version.

The material's outstanding qualities offer architects and clients a whole new array of possibilities and solutions, whether your project is a supermarket, a private house, a public building or an industrial complex.



One of the Alucobond plate's most significant features is its impressive strength-weight ratio.


Even with large-dimension plates, ALUCOBOND® is easy to handle thanks to its low weight. In addition, its stiffness and load capacity means the plates are an ideal material for flat roofs, facade cladding in lobbies or entrance halls, etc.

 ALUCOBOND® is extremely weather-resistant, break-proof, vibration-reducing and easily cleaned.


Tried and tested processing methods, such as folding and roll bending, create a wide variety of options when it comes to shape and design. 

Moreover, the material comes in a wide range of colours, and durability is guaranteed, thanks to a high-quality paint and coating system.




ALUCOBOND® is classified as having normal flammability according to DIN 4102-1. 




ALUCOBOND® plus was specially developed to meet high fire protection requirements, and its mineral core means it is classified as having low flammability. 



Durable and timelessly modern - ALUCOBOND®

Aluminium/Alucobond facade cladding


Building facades are exposed to a range of weather conditions, such as heat, frost, rain and storms.

So it's no coincidence that aluminium/Alucobond is being used for more and more facade claddings. 

The light metal is highly robust, durable and does not absorb moisture. 

It also fulfils strict quality and safety requirements.


Thanks to a range of techniques and profiles, it can be used to create numerous different looks.

And the wide variety of colours and assembly options speaks for itself.

Whether for a private house or a public building, aluminium facade cladding offers completely new possibilities.

Individually made to suit your needs 



We manufacture the plates individually in-house to suit your needs, and you can also choose your preferred colour from a wide range.


After we have cut, milled, bored and bent the plates to fit your requirements, they are ready to assemble.


We will be happy to deliver and assemble the material at your site.

Of course, you can also order plates to assemble yourself, or even just order accessories like nails, screws, etc.

We cut, mill, drill and bend according to your wishes.

Here you can see how our system cuts and drills the material precisely according

to the specifications of our customer.