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Contract joinery and joinery technology

The terms 'joinery' and 'joining' come from classic carpentry. They refer to the entire work process, from marking the timber and processing and matching it to assembling a specimen structure. Used above all in trussed roofs, pergolas, larger conservatories and even in entire wooden houses, every individual wooden beam goes through the joinery process.

Our technology helps you handle your orders quickly and economically, without wasting time measuring, marking timber and setting up. On request, our highly qualified employees can take charge of the whole production process, including on-site assembly.

Planes, chamfers and cutters - our fully-automatic contract joinery equipment can produce a huge variety of series and individual pieces for you. Computer-controlled table saws can carry out all types of cut with maximum precision. Whether you need angular cuts, compound mitre cuts, longitudinal cuts for chamfers and fillets, edge trimming and relief cuts, or extreme compound mitre and witch cuts - it's no problem for our technology. Universal milling tools can efficiently and precisely produce all kinds of knot joints, tenon joints, concealed lap joints and slots as well as all types of longitudinal milling.

Hundegger Joinery Machine Type K2i

The advantages at a glance

·         Contract joinery generates you the same revenue for lower labour costs.

·         Contract joinery lowers your overhead rate and your capital costs.

·         Contract joinery is available at an attractive fixed price. That means your calculation risk is reduced.

·         Your joinery, perfected by us, is prepared by computer and custom-made using CNC-controlled machines, so accuracy is guaranteed. We assume all your joinery risks for you.

·         Compliant and environmentally-friendly - the cut surfaces don't need to be impregnated afterwards, as the wood is treated in our in-house tanks after cutting.

·         Accurate measurement simplifies the process for billing your clients. We provide you with exact plans and perfectly joined timber, sorted and packed according to roof surface.

·         Our contract joinery will be delivered to your construction site by our own transport, on time and at an attractive price.

Roof top in the variant hipped roof