Competence in nail patterns technic

& Facade construction

Our office buildings and our equipment, storage and timber production halls are located on our company premises of over 12,000 m².

Our company philosophy is future-oriented, and our motto is always 'quality, service and continuous development'. 

We deliver our customers accurately made, problem-free timber systems that are ready-to-assemble, developed and tested in line with practice-oriented criteria.

Experienced and qualified engineers, master carpenters and sales technicians are available to advise you about all types of construction project, whatever your wishes, from the planning stage right through to project completion.

We are always available to help, wherever you need.

At the beginning of our company there was an idea. And the determination to make that idea reality.

A success that is due in large part to the exceptional creativity of the company founder and his colleagues during those early days. Because everyone shared a common goal: to build a competitive company during one of Germany's most interesting economic periods. 

The small business in north-west Germany quickly grew into a successful, expanding company with capable employees and renowned clients all over Germany and Europe. In order to be able to meet growing demand for process cost optimisation, an independent company was founded for industrial truss production, H&T Bindersysteme GmbH, which enabled the company to become one of the market leaders.

And even though almost two decades have gone by since then, the original motivation remains unchanged.

As we have grown into one of the leading companies in the field of nailed truss technology, we have become aware of our special responsibility. And we gladly set ourselves special challenges.

Alongside our future-oriented company philosophy, our focus is always on quality, service, customer satisfaction and the consistent further development of our capabilities.